Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun with profiles

I finally decided to put more stuff in my profile tonight, and was messing around with some of the features of Blogger.

What I found cool was following the links in the favorite music and movie sections. So, for example, I essentially asked, "Who else out there likes The Partridge Family?" It was interesting to look at the profiles of the people who shared these same interests.

I shouldn't be so impressed with this since I used "matchmaker" systems back in the good old BBS days of the early 1980s. What's different about this, I suppose, is that it has such a global context.

So for the answer to the above question: There are 52 profiles that list The Partridge Family in their list of favorite music (including the ersatz profiles). Oddly, a clever kid named Sarah who probably was born 20 years after they were popular likes them. There is also Cathleen in NYC who is multi-talented and a comedian as well, and Mark in Chicago. Whatever, what a strange trip it has been.

So the moral to the story, if there is one, is that no matter how unusual you think your musical interests may be, there's someone out there who thinks it's just fine. That's a great feeling to have right before I turn in for the night...

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