Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thanks John Stossel

A non-tech comment and big "Thanks" goes out to John Stossel of ABC News for his segment regarding health care on the Sept. 14 episode of 20/20. While I have seen Michael Moore's movie SiCKO, and enjoyed it (it raises some very good questions), I felt that there was another side to all this.

Health insurance is not insurance - at least not the way people use it. People use health insurance as though there is a magical pixie fairy in the sky that provides the funding and we all just benefit from it. Where SiCKO is right is that the health insurance industry as a whole is plain broken. Where it is wrong is saying that a government-run health care system is the answer. I asked my doctor (who tends toward the liberal side of the political spectrum) about this, and she said that socialized medicine was simply not workable.

All this being said, I think both Moore & Stossel together present good examples of what's wrong (and right) with health care in the US. It's time people understand that there really is no free lunch. Someone is paying - even in the socialized medicine scenario. Likewise, left entirely in a free-market capitalist system the health care system will not be where it needs to be.

I don't have the answer to this, but I think sometimes it's people asking tough questions and showing both sides of the issue that help bring about positive change. It's great that the debate didn't end with SiCKO. With the 20/20 episode, the discussion is still being kept active, and people who couldn't see eye-to-eye with Michael Moore will also see there really is a problem. Stossel ended the segment with some positive alternatives. It was refreshing to see.

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