Friday, October 12, 2007

What you can't see can make you not see. See?

Well, time to break the promise that this wasn't going to be your usual "blog." Sorry. Oh, and if you're as squeamish at medical stuff with the eyes as I am, then you may want to skip the next paragraph.

I came back from the eye doctor today. One of the two reasons I went was because I started periodically seeing things going through my vision that looks like stuff you'd see under a microscope. My eye doctor calls these things "floaters" and says it's debris (old cells and stuff) floating around in the fluid of the eye. This, they say, is something that seems to come with age (thanks a bunch father time). Among reasons for this to happen is when the wall of the retina gets compromised and in my case this is what's happening. I have a tiny hole in my retina, and today I found it is getting worse. I now need to see a doctor who's specialty is the inside of the eye, and may end up having the inside of my eye shot with lasers (to seal the hole before my entire retina detaches from the inside of my eye). I'm not really good about people messing with my eyes, including me (notice I don't wear contact lenses...). So needless to say that there are feelings of fear, terror, and impending doom going through my head. Retinal detachment (what can happen without treatment) is also not fun, unless your idea of fun includes going blind. I really enjoy seeing (no pun intended) my eye doctor (Dr. Laura Beck) because she's cute and she's an excellent eye doctor. I could really do without this kind of bad news though!

On a positive note, however, Dr. Beck knew just what was wrong with the new glasses I have been so frustrated with, and the opticians there were able to adjust the lenses so I could actually see correctly with them. The lenses were actually rotated slightly on their axes in the frame, and they were able to turn the lenses slightly so everything worked right. Seems this is a problem when you have an astigmatism.

Get your eyes checked regularly. Add that to the list of things that are important.

So with this said, I probably need to add that as I get older it feels like everything in my body is breaking. My short-term memory is going all to hell (people say this probably due to stress, but I don't know) - I remember watching certain TV shows but when someone wants to talk about them I can't remember squat about the details right away. My right leg hurts when I sit for a while. For whatever reason, I kept banging my right elbow into corners of stuff (tables, walls) and now my right arm hurts when I try to lift stuff. Anyhow, suffice to say that I'm still alive and kicking, but there are days when I wonder what the next half of my life will bring...

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