Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Walgreens Sucks

This is the second time in a week and the um-teenth time in, well, a couple of years that I've waited on line in the drive-thru at Walgreens while some yahoo in the car in front of me decided to handle a complex issue with their prescription and make everyone behind them wait. When I say "wait" I mean that the wait is more than 20 minutes.

Even worse is when you just spent 20-25 minutes waiting and three morons look at you from behind the window and make you wait longer.

So as far as I'm concerned Walgreens, as my pharmacy, is history.

As impatient as I am I realize there are circumstances beyond one's control that creates delays. I wouldn't want the airlines to fly me in dangerous weather - better they stay on the ground and cause a delay than die. But a pharmacy? Folks, you know people have these problems like "my insurance should have paid for xxx" and "I need this prescription filled this second while I wait." You'd think they would say, "Sir/Madam, please come on inside and we'll handle you there" or maybe have a second window they can pull-up to for more complex issues.

When they asked me last time if I needed to speak to the pharmacist at the drive-thru window I said, "Thanks for your concern but if I needed to speak to the pharmacist I would have come inside rather than make everyone behind me wait." The person behind the window looked strangely puzzled. Guess they don't have anything better to do with their time...


Debbie Does Nothing said...

So the Walgreens thing is universal! I thought it was just the one I go to. I never use the drive thru anymore. That doesn't mean I get my drugs any faster inside but at least I'm not burning up a tank of gas.

cpu said...

Actually, what really made this bad was that I was waiting in the Prius and the engine was stopped. It was stopped, that is, until the battery pack drained down enough during the wait causing the engine to start to charge the batteries.


I've decided to use the prescription-by-mail service that my employer's prescription plan has...and for the one-off situation, I'll get it filled at the supermarket (and take care of grocery shopping at the same time!).