Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beam me up!

Well, that last post went over like a flaming lead balloon full of thermite. Maybe just as well, because I think I just give up.

Ever get that feeling that somewhere along the line you ended up on the wrong planet, with amnesia or something? Yeah, like that.

Seriously, I don't get it.

Let's start with male/female relationships. I don't seem to connect with anyone on any level that goes beyond...beyond...beyond...what? I don't even know how to describe what kind of relationships I have, and I certainly don't see how they would ever go beyond talking about the weather (or even country music... as kind of an arbitrary example). Seriously, though, I just don't get it. I don't think I'll ever get it.

What is it with people not wanting to do their job? Time-Warner RoadRunner -- are you listening?? -- Would you PLEASE fix your fscking DNS problem? I've told tech support, I've told an e-mail address given to me by tech support, and I've contacted someone I know on the inside who said (and I quote), "I am not promising anything however, I will have someone look into it." Uh huh. We're not talking rocket science here. We're talking about something that I can do in my sleep. You guys keep saying that you think like I think. I'm thinking someone at RoadRunner is incompetent. So do something about it.

Angie's List: While an idiot repair company repairs a home theater system and in the process breaks off the terminals on someone's VCR (or was it a DVD player, I don't remember). Then the only way that they reimburse the customer is because you play "Better Business Bureau" and ask them to work something out with the slighted customer, and they finally give that customer some money... That doesn't warrant giving the organization a good rating because they finally resolved the complaint. Why in hell did they not care to begin with? At best, they deserve a "C." Angie's List is on my "I don't see any reason to continue paying for this crap" list.

Sorry, Tristin, for writing angry-sounding stuff. I'm frustrated. Life isn't supposed to be this complicated.

So what went well?

Well, I tried my hand at some home made (mostly) improvised Italian pasta sauce and it turned out well. I made tangerine chicken for dinner tonight and it turned out pretty good. I got a half gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and it was good. Sitting here with my cat listening to the oldies music channel on cable is good. I never knew that the The Cuff Links (who did "Tracy") was really just one person overdubbed, and that same guy was the lead singer on "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies. I also think "Taking The Long Way" by The Dixie Chicks is really good, on many levels.

I'm sitting here with my cat, a bucket of ice cream, my laptop, and a bunch of MP3s. Beam us up. I've had all I can take of this planet for a while.


Gary said...

Don't just rant on your blog. File a report on Angie's List about the service company's malpractice and warn others of their incompetance. It works.

cpu said...

Gary: I appreciate your feedback.

The incident I was referencing about Angie's List appeared in an article in the latest Angie's List newsletter. In short, the article indicated that what I would consider a bad contractor now got a good rating just because they corrected a problem they caused.

My gripe is that I don't want contractors doing work for me who need someone to pressure them to correct problems they should have 'fessed up to in the first place. If these contractors have good ratings, then it is impossible for me to make a decision based on the ratings in Angie's List.

The concept is great, though. It's why I signed-up to begin with.

Now if you're commenting on my RoadRunner (Time Warner Cable's Internet service) situation: Unfortunately, Angie's List probably can't do anything about that. I'll elaborate if you're interested.

Speck said...

Hey - it's ok to rant! I don't care if you get pissed off. That's what blogs are for - to write it out.

As for Angie's List - you're right. That list is supposed to be for contractors you can rely on. My parents found a guy that does all type of remodel work - they've done both bathrooms (inlcuding creating a walk-in-shower), their kitchen, fireplace, and entry way. This guy does good work. He'll be doing a deck for them once my dad gets better. If you have projects like that coming up let me know. He's slow, cause he's by himself, but he does a damn good job.