Saturday, February 16, 2008

Garden State

Ever watch a movie because you forgot you've watched it already until you start watching it again then realize you have watched it before and that it was good? So it was with "Garden State."

So what was it about? The guide on the TV says the following: "An emotionally numb actor finds a soulmate in a quirky young woman after he returns to New Jersey for his mother's funeral." The guide has it as "3 stars." For those of you who feel Rotten Tomatoes is the one and only place for movie ratings, it got 87% on the tomatometer. For people who remember names far better than I do, it was written and directed by Zach Braff (who also played the lead character) and also starred Natalie Portman (who played the "quirky young woman").

This is yet another movie in a line of odd romantic comedies that I seem to like these days. I'm so tired of the "guy acts like an ass and eventually wins back the girl" formula that most screenwriters seem to have adopted lately (or reverse the genders, for that really unique (sarcastically) touch). Anyhow, "Garden State" is not one of those. So anyway, see it.

(updated 2/17/08 @ 11:26pm)
Okay, well that was weird. I was watching Family Guy tonight and they mentioned this movie in it.

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