Friday, April 4, 2008

Adafruit Industries

Once again I introduce you to someone who has caught my attention.

Limor Fried in NYC is better known as Ladyada, and has a web site at So what's so special about Limor and her web site? Well, first of all she's into building electronic gadgets from scratch, and anyone who does this finds a place in my heart by default. But that isn't all. Limor has a master's degree in electrical engineering from MIT, and her master's thesis was was called "Social Defense Mechanisms: Tools for Reclaiming our Personal Space." I can only say to follow the link and view the page. In short, she addresses the ways that modern technology (such as cell phones) intrudes on our personal space.

Limor's business is called Adafruit Industries ( The business mainly centers around her many interesting projects. Just perusing her web sites gave me a renewed feeling that it's possible to build cool things yet.

In addition to a wiz at electronic gadgetry, Limor is also an artist. This may be what I find interesting about her. Instead of doing the same old things that everyone else is doing, she is doing creative things with technology. She's looking at how technology has impacted human beings, and is making a statement about why we should sometimes take a step back and look at what we've become.

In any case, she's worth a mention here. I got lost for a couple of hours looking at the projects she's done. I learned a little about modern microcontrollers (I'm still using an old 8051 MCU in the 40-pin DIP package for my projects). It was a fun ride.

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