Thursday, April 3, 2008


Pre-posting note:
For those who haven't yet figured it out, or who are hopelessly humor-impared, the previous post was an April Fools joke. I have not, nor will I ever, advocate that Rush Limbaugh be placed into any position where he would be taken seriously. Yes, I did write it under the pseudonym Dottie Calm (dot-com, get it?!). Nothing deep there. Just somethin' to keep y'all thinkin'...

In the past couple of weeks I have actually been doing some deep thinking.

I recently started corresponding with a woman who thinks a lot like I do, but who has a set of dislikes that conflict with some things I hold near to me. It doesn't really matter what they are. I like her, though. It has made me think, "What is a relationship, really?" I have broached this topic here before, but now being sort of on the other side of being "too restrictive" I have had to think about this a whole new way.

The easy answer is to move along and look for someone who is more compatible. That may, indeed, happen. It's too early to tell.

However, Shellie (a friend) gave me some insight based on some experiences from her own marriage that caused me to take a deeper look at what makes-up a meaningful relationship with someone. While most romantic relationships start with both people doing a lot of common enjoyable things together, that isn't usually what causes it to last. After a time and when familiarity sets-in, many couples end up doing a just a few things together, and what makes them partners is the support, understanding, and intimacy they give to each other.

Can a romantic relationship survive without two people sharing several things that are meaningful to one person? Will this result in that one person feeling deprived? Will it annoy the other person into resenting their partner?

These deep questions are ones I have been losing sleep (a lot of sleep) thinking about over the past couple of weeks.

More to come.

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