Saturday, May 31, 2008

Catching Up

I've finally been able to do a little catching-up on responses I've gotten here and checking out updates on others' blogs.

Congratulations to JC and OH on the purchase of their new home. Your closing went much like most closings go. The HUD-1 form seems to be in transition up until you're there signing the paperwork. Now I'm assuming that Jax is "Jacksonville" and if you're moving there from Miami, that really is quite a trek.

While I'm on JC's blog, I finally got a chance to read the whole thing (really, it isn't all that long). While I thought her comments on some mispronunciations were good, I previously missed her comments on airline travel that should be required reading by every airline passenger. I have a few comments of my own involving people kicking/kneeing the back of my seat (or banging on their laptop keyboard perched on the back of my seat) for an entire 4 hour flight.

Back in September I discovered Sarah's Blog while searching for people who liked The Partridge Family. Sarah kind-of-recently passed along a great piece dripping in sarcasm called Ten Reasons Gay Marriage is Un-American that the idiots from Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) should read (recall my posting about them from back in November). Speaking of the WBC, their web site I mentioned in my posting is back online again spewing a brand of hate that only intolerant assholes like the WBC can produce. I had to look at it for no other reason but to understand that there really is something that can be called a "social disease" (and the disease is not homosexuality).

Walgreens still sucks. I have not been back since I wrote about my negative experiences there back in January. Funny, I don't miss them.

I've had several good responses to things I have written. Rest assured that I read all of them, and appreciate the time you've taken to respond. It has always amazed me how one person's contact with someone, however brief, can produce changes that affect someone's life forever. With that in mind, the Internet is both a wonderful and horrible thing.

I do have some ideas for some upcoming's a sneak-peek at what's going on in my head:
  • Making sense of the D-Bus inter-process communication facility (IPC) without making your brain explode. Lots of open source software is using this, and it's flourishing despite my objections to its complexity. I'm going to try to make some sense of this from a non-OO-programmer's perspective and pass it along to others. Let's make a new friend.
  • Defining terrorism - My country's government has waged a "war on terrorism" and has used this to justify a lot of actions over the last several years. In the process of this war, lots of people have died and we have had to give-up many of the liberties we once had. What is terrorism? Can we really wage war against it? Will we ever win the war? If so, how will we know? Are we really better off now than we were 7 years ago?
  • Pondering a trip (vacation) with the cat. Is it possible to take a road trip with a cat? What are the pitfalls? Is there a way to work through them (especially if it's just you and the cat)? How does the cat feel (did you ask)?
On that note, time to get away from the computer for a while and rest for a bit.

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JC said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Glad you took the time to read my rantings. All of my traveling friends like that post too. I was a bitter, bitter traveler when I wrote that. Not much has changed. :) I'm in Colorado Springs right now for some training, and flew here on the Screaming Baby Express, courtesy of Continental. Niiiiice.

As for the road trip with the cat, I think only you can answer that since you know your cat best and it depends largely on him (her?). My belief is that cats are territorial lone creatures, and while predators, are also prey and many of their behaviors when taken out of comfortable territory are survival techniques that are not so enjoyable for them. To wit, huddling in their carrier, not eating, and not using the litter box (they won't unless they feel safe). But that's just been my experience with cats. Mine never enjoy travel, or new places.

Speaking of which, thanks for the congrats - we're living in the house like squatters (sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a guest room) now due to all the construction, and the kitties are beyond traumatized.
The 2 boys are fine, the girls not so much. They come out at night for food and some consoling, poor things. All that racket and unfamiliarity is not sitting well with them.

But I've seen those crazy biker guys that ride around with their cat latched to their helmet, or in the side car, etc. So traveling cats are out there - maybe you have one?