Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spanking the Monkey

What's not music - HD or SD - is Pussycat Dolls. I can't believe I've actually listened to/watched about 10 minutes of this dung...or should I say, "cat turds?" Guess there can't always be something good on MHD.

I shouldn't wonder why this society is so fsck'd up after Pussycat Dolls. They started with a song called, "Loosen Up My Buttons." Pussycat Dolls...Britney Spears....these are the role models we provide for this generation of kids. While Boy George O'Dowd wasn't exactly what I'd call a role model either, at least some of the songs Culture Club did has some meaning deeper then "Loosen Up My Buttons."

Tonight I also saw the movie "Spanking the Monkey" on IFC. The program guide says, "A college student has to spend his summer playing nurse to his bossy bedridden mother (Two and a half stars)." What the movie was really about is a horribly dysfunctional family - a father who is a mediocre salesman at best, strict absentee father, and cheating on his wife. His wife is starved for attention, as you'd expect. Kid has no idea how to act around women, so he ends up emulating his father to some extent. It had an ending that makes you say, "Huh?" The guide said comedy - I say indie drama. Definitely not the worst film I saw (Mr. Magoo) but not something I'd watch again.

Tonight my neighbors across the street had a little get-together in their front yard for anyone on our street who wanted to show-up. It started a little weak with me, one other guy, and the couple who hosted the "party." Several folks trickled-in over the next few hours - in fact most people came after 7pm, which is when the whole shindig was supposed to end. All in all, it was a great time. The hosts provided hot dogs, I brought some breaded onion rings (heated them up, not terribly good I'm afraid) and some lemonade, someone brought some cookies and potato chips, and another neighbor brought some watermelon cubes. I met a few more of my neighbors. Like I said, nothing bad about it. I remember saying in a previous posting that this is a real community, and that is still the case.

I also decided to drive to Palacios, TX on Sunday to get away from everything (round trip was about 380 miles). I got this postcard from a Realtor who was trying to sell property in a future resort community there, and after reading online what a scam this was, I figured I had to see for myself. Really, it was just an excuse to explore some part of Texas that I hadn't seen yet. Palacios is on the Gulf coast, or technically speaking, on Matagorda Bay. While Palacios was not really terribly exciting, some of the places along the way were nice. Lake Texana near Edna, TX was actually peaceful and there is a state park that may require some additional exploration at a later date. Unfortunately, even with the hybrid trips like this are becoming more expensive. With gasoline at $3.79 a gallon, this trip cost me about $30 (45 MPG going, and 48 MPG coming back). In contrast, my old Camry that got about 29 MPG on highway driving would have cost me nearly $50 in gasoline, and would have been a lot less friendly to the environment. All that said, the resort community is, indeed, being built essentially on a swamp, and the whole little town of Palacios is being geared-up to support lots of impractical waterfront vacation/retirement homes...

I also took some time to ask myself some tough relationship questions again. Assuming that the person I'd want to be involved with romantically would be someone I enjoyed being around and who added something to my life, I was trying to figure out how that would happen or if someone already is in that role and I just haven't realized it. The tough answer to that question is that right now there are few people in my life that come close to that, and those that are close are not really available for that kind of relationship (for various reasons). I really have become very accustomed at doing everything by myself, out of necessity. Part of the problem as well is that I'm finding it difficult to share my eccentricities with someone else and have that person enjoy being part of them. A clone? No. An understanding and acceptance of who I am? Yes. Part of that understanding is that at least a few of these weird little things that make me what I am are something I can share with someone else and have that person get at least a little excited about them.

Finally, "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond was just playing on the Solid Gold Oldies Music Choice channel. A small piece of trivia is that song is the first song I ever recorded from the radio. It was when I was 4 or 5 years old and my parents had gotten me a little reel-to-reel tape recorder for Christmas. It is one of those songs that charges the flux capacitor in my brain and transports me back to a younger - and simpler - time.

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