Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stinkier Than The Cat Box

Well, just when you thought it was safe to volunteer at the Austin Humane Society...

Today I discovered that all the hand sanitizers were replaced with new ones that used a different brand of cleaning gel. Like all the other cleaning crap I've encountered lately, this too has a strong perfume in it. The perfume is still present on my skin several hours later - even after washing my hands with my own soap and soaking them in vinegar.

Folks, this is ridiculous. I actually can say that the smells coming from the animals is more appealing than the perfume in this hand sanitizer. Why in the world is a strong perfume necessary? Why does it need to persist on the skin?

I am now forced to pay for my own hand sanitizer without the harsh fragrances in it, hoping that they allow me to use this (that it disinfects well enough to prevent the transfer of disease between cats) instead of the stuff being provided.

When is it going to end? What is the next thing that people will find it necessary to add persistent chemical fragrances to?

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JC said...

Bless you for helping the kitties. The world needs more kitty-helpers.

I get too emotionally involved and have a really hard time volunteering with the little critters, so I just donate to the cat shelters but volunteered for large animal rescue SPCA. I figured I'm safe there, as I know I can't bring a horse home, no matter how much it likes me.