Friday, June 13, 2008


Ever wonder if people have too much disposable cash? If you were ever in doubt, consider the question answered with the introduction of the USB Desktop Humping Dog. No, I have too much to do to make this up...this was a real advertisement that was on the side of a competing "blog" hosting site.

Imagine calling Dell tech support... "Hi, I'm having problems with my computer. Everything was working fine until I plugged the humping dog attachment into my USB port, and now none of my USB devices work anymore." Humping WHAT attachment? Even better: "I need service on my computer. I plugged a humping dog attachment into the USB port on my laptop, and it caught on the corner of the table and his hoo-hoo snapped off inside. Now I can't plug anything into that port anymore. Please have someone come and extract the humping dog's member from my USB port." "Sorry sir, we can't help you. You plugged a Desktop Humping Dog into a laptop, and this misuse of technology isn't covered under the warranty."

Now I'm all for humorous things, and I seriously see the humor in this (as if "seriously" and "humor" can co-exist in the same sentence). Really, if this were an April fools joke, I'd ROTFL (isn't that "roll on the floor laughing"? I don't know). On the other hand I have no problem with the empty USB ports on my computer. A humping dog would not give me the feeling that the otherwise unused USB port finally had a purpose, albeit a strange and ridiculous one.

What happens if you plug a USB 1.0 humping dog into a high-speed USB 2.0 port? Is it backwards-compatible (no pun intended), or will the poor dog hump itself to death?

Back to reality. I've had my fun for the day.

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JC said...

No, he won't hump himself to death, but I'm sure he'd make a really good show of it until the computer stops him and says reassuringly, "oh, don't worry. It happens to all USB devices some times. But you can stop now."

When I saw the post title, I was reminded of my late great-aunt, who was a huge fan of Englebert Humperdinck when I was little. I think I was the only 6-year-old on my block who knew who he was and could properly pronounce it. That'll give you a leg up in life, eh?

That was a great laugh. Thanks!