Friday, June 6, 2008

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or are you all starting to notice more and more people who have their heads lodged firmly in their ass?

Today I got home early from work - I left early because it was a bad week, a bad day, and all I wanted to do is get a firm head-start on relaxing for the weekend. So I get to my driveway to go into my garage and someone was parked in it. It turns out it was my neighbor across the street who was having work done on his house. Do you think he'd ask first? Maybe park his car at the curb a little ways down the street? Nah. {begin sarcastic rant} I am obviously here for others' convenience - at last now my existence has a purpose. Surely there was no other alternative to using my driveway, making me get out of my car and start looking locating the person who parked there, in the rain, unable to go straight to my garage, and start my relaxing weekend. My home is your home. Literally.

You may be wondering what he said when I asked him to move his car. No, I'm sure you are. He said, "I didn't realize you were going to be home early." Seriously, I'm so sorry I inconvenienced my neighbor across the street by coming home early and expecting to be able to use my own driveway. My response, as calmly as I could make it, was, "I would have had no problem letting you use my driveway if you would have asked me first." Not sarcastically, if he did come and ask me, I probably would have gone out of my way to help. That's usually how I am.

This is but one of a lengthening line of rectal-cranial-inversion instances I have had to deal with lately.

Yesterday I got pulled-into a request at work to establish a fiber optic pathway for someone's project (that's one thing us network guys do). I was brought into this by the user after the two guys who work for me (and should have come get me before having even started this) couldn't find one end of one of the fiber runs. Two hours later, I found the fiber. I seriously wasn't losing my mind - the reason why the fiber termination was missing is because someone had cut the fiber close to the conduit where it came into the room (so you couldn't see it) and pulled off the piece that was cut and all the connectors and so forth. It's kind of like someone cut the power cord off your TV set, disconnected the cut cable from the wall socket, and then the TV repairman said he couldn't figure out why the TV wasn't getting power. I am fairly sure one of the two people (who work for me) and who were looking for the fiber termination was one of the ones who cut the fiber. Nobody is going to 'fess-up to that though. Better to waste two hours of my time trying to figure out where it was cut, or even if the cable was in the building yet. I started to think that right after I found the end to the cut fiber optic cable I would find Elvis as well.

Both of these things also bring-up another seemingly-becoming-more-common aspect of our society: Break whatever rule you want as long as you think you can get away with it. NO! That is NOT the way things are supposed to work. Those rules are put in place to keep some order to things, to prevent others from being irritated, bothered, injured, inconvenienced, or killed. Really, they are. What ever happened to common sense?

I'm really tired of being Mr. Nice Guy, but I'm also unwilling and unable to become Mr. Nasty Guy or Mr. Clueless Guy or Sir I-Don't-Give-A-Shit. They say ignorance is bliss. They're right. The opposite is true too: Intelligence is misery. It is because you're wise to the ignorant people blissfully going through life. People: Look, to experience life and all the good things it has to offer, you have to pull your head out of your ass. Once done, you'll clearly see that there are other people around besides you. You'll notice that the same crap that irritates you irritates the other people around you as well, so doing irritating things to people isn't a good idea. You'll also find that being nice, considerate, and overall helpful to others brings the same back in return (at least for the ones with their head out of their ass). What more can I say?


cpu said...

Note to self: Really, some of these folks (like my neighbor across the street) I really do like. Regardless of that, though, they still need to be considerate. Seriously, I had a bad day today, and a bad week, so while I may be a little more forgiving on some days, today not so much. Seriously, I do try (and succeed nearly all the time) to be considerate of others and respect their space.

Speck said...

Well, at least try to have a good weekend!

JC said...

Word. I'm all about the rant, man. People are in-freaking-considerate. And just oblivous. If it ain't happening directly to them, they don't care. It sounds petty (and therefore probably is), but people with no awareness of what is going on in their immediate personal space annoy the hell out of me. You're trucking along in an airport cause you're late for a flight and BAM! Grandma is standing in the middle of the fast lane squinting up at the departure listings through her bifocals. Completely oblivious to the traffic disruption she's causing. I see it every day. How do people NOT know they're in the way?
Like in grocery stores, malls, etc.? I'd say 99% of the time I can feel or hear when people are close to me and want to pass. I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one?