Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bus Stop

It probably isn't entirely obvious from what has been written here that I tend to veer away from what's being called "music" nowadays and am stuck in a time capsule created about 35-45 years ago. That's not to say that there isn't anything new that I like, but my style of choice is stuck firmly in the past. Most of what I listen to in the car is whatever I have around, rather than the radio. I don't miss the commercials and the nonsense utterances of the radio personalities.

This is a long lead-in to what I really wanted to write about.

I was listening to a CD I made recently and heard some songs that really "spoke" to me, for lack of a better phrase. These are songs that would form a good soundtrack to my life and explain kind of what I'm thinking. With that being said, here are some that immediately come to mind:
  • The Hollies - "Bus Stop" -- This is how I see romance happening to me, figuratively speaking of course. It's two people doing their usual thing, stumble upon each other, and start taking an interest in each other's activities and sharing in their own eccentricities.
  • Mason Williams - "Classical Gas" -- No words, but the way that the song builds from a slow solo guitar to an up-tempo full instrumental back down at the end is the way things seem to be for me. Things go from simple to complex and chaotic back down to simple again. I always though that Classical Gas would also be a good soundtrack to a slide show starting with the vast undeveloped ranches around Texas building up to the mass development of the land as has taken place over the past 10 years.
  • Aaron Tippin - "You've Got To Stand For Something" -- Nothing more needs to be said here. Anyone who knows me or who has read this blog realizes that this is core to how I believe.
  • Boston - "More Than A Feeling" -- This is how I felt 20 years ago and for a long time afterward.
  • LeAnn Rimes - "The Light In Your Eyes" -- I often wonder if this song was meant to have a more religious meaning, but I saw it as more of an inspirational song encouraging one to be one's self even when things are going badly.
  • Jann Browne - "You Ain't Down Home" -- This is what I would like to have said to a lot of people who were more interested in material gain and having the latest stuff to impress everyone. There's a big difference between technology and stuff for the sake of having technology and stuff, and having it to actually accomplish something. There are too many of the former out there.
  • Jane Olivor - "One More Ride On The Merry-Go-Round" -- One could say that this is the result of those who "ain't down home," but this song says so much more. Even with accomplishment and success, sometimes life can get so complicated that you lose sight of the simple things that once gave you happiness.
  • Liz Story - "Wedding Rain" (solo piano) -- I'm not sure the title fits the music, particularly in the context of a soundtrack to my life ... but when I listen to this, it just sounds like how I'm feeling.
  • The Seekers - "A World Of Our Own" -- This is what happens after the "Bus Stop." It's a simple, folksy song and pretty much describes how I'd like things to be.
This is a small list and there are so many other songs that may not be in the "soundtrack," but certainly have meaning in some way.

The picture of the cat doesn't have much to do with this whole posting, except that I liked it. I failed to keep my quota of 60s songs in the list above, as well. This was an interesting introspective, though. Back to the rat race...

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