Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Genetic Engineering

Interesting idea I heard on The History Channel's "Evolve" tonight:

A scientist studying reproduction and evolution in animal species theorized that genetic engineering is a natural evolution of human reproduction. The theory is based on the idea that through natural selection species evolve and improve themselves.

Over time, humans have evolved many traits that have served to improve our lifespan. The theory is that the development of technology is a natural selection process that is happening so that human beings can continue to improve their genetic material. He feels that genetic engineering is an evolutionary process that will effect that change.

While I'm not yet sure how I feel about genetic engineering, I was entrigued by the idea that science and technology could potentially be an evolutionary process in human beings.

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Speck said...

Didn't realize I've missed so many posts! Good to see you keeping it up (unlike me!)