Thursday, August 21, 2008

If you were a feline...

(shamelessly stolen from today's podcast)

If you'd been born a kitten
You'd be satisfied to
Take naps and play with string
And do the things that kittens do.

You'd have no frustrated ambitions
Or low self-esteem
You'd just want a warm lap
And to lap-up warm cream.

You wouldn't have an urge to buy things
That you couldn't afford.
Relationships would be simple
And you'd never get bored.

But sometimes when you get
A little jealous of your cat
For being free from work and dating
Self-doubt and stuff like that...

Just think there's probably something out there
Maybe way off in space
Some kind of alien,
Advanced, super-intelligent race

Who's looking down at you
As you look down at your pet
And saying, "Human? Like dang
That must be easy as it gets!"

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