Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a post before I go (to sleep)

Smokey (my cat, better known as the face I've decided to show on blogger) did, indeed, have his vet appointment on Monday, and did spend the afternoon at the office with me. He actually did pretty well at the office for the first couple of hours, happily greeting people as they stopped-in. During the last hour he really wanted to go exploring, and that wouldn't have gone over very well with some of the people who run the place. I did make him a little paper replica of the security badges we have, and put his name and photo on it. The security guards found it amusing and joked about how he should be sure to scan his badge as he enters the facility. The group responsible for our holiday open house slide show took Smokey's picture with his little badge and he'll probably end up in said slide show come December. I spent some time pondering whether or not Smokey would actually get more work done than a certain problem employee...

In any case Smokey's reason for seeing the vet was his mysterious problem with his rear legs right before leaving on vacation a little over a month ago, and he seems to have lost a lot of weight and isn't eating enough. Long story short, it still isn't completely apparent whether or not he had a small stroke or has arthritis as far as his legs go. He did lose a pound in the last month, which is a lot. His kidney values are elevated but staying consistent with their last ones. His thyroid, however, is again a bit on the high side, which would account for his weight loss and stomach upset. So once again we're adjusting his thyroid medicine a bit and he has some medicine that will help soothe his stomach a bit. The things I do for my cat.

I have had little conversation with my online romantic interest so far this week. What little I did have has sent-up all kinds of serious warning signals, and I am most certain that a meeting in person this week will not happen. That being said, I therefore seriously doubt that this is going to go anywhere. I have also concluded that the sure-fire way to jinx a romance with anyone is to start telling my friends about it. I think for the next person I'm interested in (if there is one) I won't say anything until the day before the wedding. I would like to emphasize that "if there is one" parenthetical comment in the previous sentence. To be honest, this whole romantic partner thing is starting to become plain annoying. I realize this is a sick thought, but it has crossed my mind that maybe a good software development project would be to create a virtual girlfriend using artificial intelligence techniques. Mix-in a little robotics and... Okay, okay, yes, I know, this whole topic is a bad idea to even discuss. The fact that I have even thought about it expresses my level of frustration with the whole subject. When I start feeling like this, I very seriously question why in heck I want to be with someone in the first place. When I figure it out I'll let you know.

So much for getting to sleep early tonight.

I did take a look at the source code to Rockbox tonight also. I see the problem with the crossfade stuff that I felt wasn't working correctly. I'm trying to figure out whether to try fixing it myself or reporting it as a bug (or both, I guess).

Anyway, that's all. Time for bed.

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