Friday, January 9, 2009

Blatant Stupidity - Part 1

This new series of entries chronicles items that make me (and should make you) start to wonder how human existence ever came to being. So without further discussion...

I'll Tumble 4 Ya

A nineteen-year-old Louisiana babysitter has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of a 5-month-old baby. Apparently the children under her care were "being rambunctious and interfering with her television watching" so she put the baby into the clothes dryer and ran the cycle for three minutes. The baby died of skull fractures and burns suffered in the dryer.
(source: AP Online News, local radio news report)

Regardless of how you feel about kids, one really has to wonder (1) what possesses a person to put a baby into a dryer because it was interfering with TV watching, (2) why any person would take a babysitting job when they clearly can't handle being around young children, and (3) how could someone be so heartless. Nineteen is well-into old enough to know better. When they lock this bitch up and throw away the key, I think a suitable punishment would be to superimpose screaming kids over the audio and video of the TV in her jail cell for the rest of her life.

Yes We Can?

According to The New York Times (Jan 8, 2009) US President-elect Barack Obama is asking Congress to delay the deadline (once again) for all television stations to turn off analog signals and broadcast only digital TV. Why is he doing this? Because as the deadline of February 17 quickly approaches, people who have had their heads up their ass for the past 9 months have finally decided they need to get their digital TV converter box. A little over a month before the change and the government-sponsored $40 discount coupon program for the converter boxes is now out of money, forcing allegedly poverty-stricken individuals to have to pay the full $60 for the box. The president of PBS, Paula Kerger, in a move to give legitimacy to people keeping their heads in their ass, "
said she’s especially concerned that children in less-affluent homes that rely on free television might lose access to PBS educational shows for kids."

I'm pretty sure that having access to television is not something that is required for survival. The affected children don't need Sesame Street to become educated, productive members of society. It is time that people start becoming responsible for their own actions ... or inaction in this case. So you forgot to get your government converter box coupon? Here's a suggestion: Why don't you and two other of your belly-aching neighbors pool your money together to purchase the $60 converter box. Then get together as a community and share the box by watching the programs together. This will not only foster a spirit of community, but it will allow children to actually interact with other children while watching Sesame Street...and the adults can discuss the latest episodes of Jerry Springer or Judge Judy. Here is a perfect example of an opportunity to make lemonade from lemons....all it needs is for the people involved to spare a little sugar.

So the second part of the stupidity is our president-to-be getting involved with the decision to extend the DTV transition (BTW: it has been extended twice already and is already several years overdue!). I cannot believe that with all the problems this country faces, it seems that opposition to gay marriage and subsidies for DTV converter boxes are of such vital importance that it has to involve the President of our country. Politicians should not make technical decisions. It is time for analog TV to go away. We can handle it. Yes, we can!

I realize that I just spent a lot of my own time fighting over how to get TV signals and such. The difference here is that a few people who decided to wait until the last minute to get their converter boxes, and TV stations who want to look like they're helping the poor, are demanding that the rest of the country stop and wait for them to catch-up. If this were a matter of public safety I would be a little less rigid, but with TV you have a choice. If you make the wrong choice, then the worst that happens is that you don't get to watch TV for a while. Lesson learned.

I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come with our new leader...


I work in a place where people are at least 18 years old, and a majority of them are college-graduates who are considered talented scientists in their field. About a year ago, I went to do #2 in the rest room and sat in someone else's piss. I was annoyed, but figured it was an isolated incident and brushed it off (quite literally, I may add). Over the course of a year, I noticed the urine on the toilet seat happening on a regular basis, nearly every time I used the toilet. Somewhere in the course of duty (doodie?) I discovered the dick who was doing it - he would walk into the toilet area and piss standing-up (rather than use the urinal) and when I checked the toilet after he was finished, there was the piss on the seat. I discovered this week that I was not the only person who had become pissed-off by this a message at the toilet was anonymously posted that said, "Here to pee? You know what to do! Now, lift that seat you filthy grue!" Now this obviously has given way to several ad-hoc modifications to the paper posted at the toilet, but suffice to say that the discussion surrounding the incidents has given way to a new level of unity among (most of) the male coworkers in this section of the building!

What's really stupid, here, is how a bright young man can be so inconsiderate or just plain dimwitted that he cannot properly use the toilet. Maybe he didn't watch enough Sesame Street...

Certainly, a good example of the cliche, "it's better to be pissed-off than pissed on."

This concludes this episode of Blatant Stupidity.


Speck said...

ha ha ha

JC said...

Oh, one of my major pet peeves in life is pee on the toilet seat. Public toilet seats - my other half is pretty considerate in that department. Since I see a lot of airports, it's a frequent irritant. Especially because I am a WOMAN and we (allegedly) sit down to pee. Really, gravity should just take care of things - there's not a whole hell of a lot of talent needed to NOT miss.

But apparently, there's a lot of ghetto-ass women (pardon my french) who 'hover', thinking they're being clean or whatever, and consequently pee all over every damn thing.

This is ridiculous. Some 90% of public bathrooms have the disposable toilet seat covers. And the truth is, almost anything undesirable that you can catch by sitting on a toilet seat could also jump, float, fly, or get splashed above that seat and attack your ass anyway.

At least you know the perp in your office - my 'office' (the airport) has several thousand anonymous perps every day. None of whome seem to give a damn, nor show any sign of improvement. ;)

PS - the visual verification for this post is too good to pass up, I have to play the game:

coostses (n.) - wee baby cooties, still in their adorable incubation stage, too small to be dangerous.