Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Hail of a Storm

Today we had one hell of a hailstorm. I have an (approx?) 4'x8' skylight in one part of my house that was shattered, with hail and pieces of skylight all over the place. Smokey was terrified and found his way into a cardboard box - he still looks like he is recovering. Neighbors up and down the street have cars with cracked windshields (or have holes knocked in them). Apparently the skylight breakage was common enough that it became newsworthy. The neighbors behind me have a house with a similar floorplan and features and their skylight has a crack in it. While not as devastating as the hurricane damage in Houston, this gave everyone here in the north-west part of Austin a taste of the fury that "mother nature" can inflict.

Before showing some additional photos of the storm, I need to thank the neighbors who live behind me for being there when I needed help. I am terrified of heights and cannot go on the roof. They provided a tarp and climbed up there and protected my house from any further potential rainfall. I'm kind of hoping things calm down for a couple of days, but it looks like we may be finding another round of severe thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully the temporary fix will last in the meantime...

I heard from a few other friends in the area, and they have similar stories to report. It was not a good day for anyone around here.

So here are a few pictures of the hail with some size comparisons:

Here is a picture of one of my gardens, which is a very conservative demonstration of the sheer amount of hail that was present:

I was able to use the huge blue recycling can to catch some of the water while the rain and hail was coming in:

I think that my plans for an underground home at retirement may not be a bad idea...

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JudyS said...

That first picture looks like you took it on a golf course! That's damn big hail. Smart idea for using that big ol' blue recycle bin as a rain/hail barrel.