Friday, June 26, 2009


It's hard to believe that Smokey (my cat) and I have been together for 18 years - the anniversary being on June 22. On June 20, 1991, the apartment building in Houston where I was living was struck by lightning. In addition to starting a fire in a vacant apartment unit, it hit the telephone wires (melted them) and toasted any electronic items in its path. The fire was under control quickly (thank goodness) and the fire damage was limited to the vacant unit and some minor smoke damage in the adjacent apartment. At a small gathering two days later, one of my neighbors brought down a paper bag with kittens that their once-thought-to-be-male cat ("Joey") had, asking if anyone wanted one. I picked-up Smokey, and he climbed onto my back and dug-in his claws. I decided that he adopted me, and the rest is history. In his lifetime, Smokey has moved 8 times (lived in 6 apartments and 3 houses) and moved to a new city.

There aren't enough words in a blog to describe how Smokey has been there for me over the years and how much crap he's had to put-up with from me. Smokey isn't quite as spry as he was when I got him as a kitten, but he still does pretty well for an old man.

So tonight I asked Smokey to explain to me what was so great about the late Michael Jackson that has caused him to capture the world's attention. I realized when he refused to answer that he was actually giving me the answer, so this is all of the space I will devote to that subject.

What about Farrah Fawcett? Yes, folks, she died too. I didn't know until my mom told me on the phone last night. Here's a woman who was battling cancer and succumbed to the disease. Farrah: Good person who lost her fight with cancer. The other guy: Mega plastic surgery, crappy music when he grew up, and molested kids. I'm not sure what fascination the world has with the other guy, but personally I have far greater feeling toward Farrah. ...and no, I wasn't secretly in love with her when she was one of the original "angels." For more information about Farrah Fawcett and her accomplishments, see her page on Wikipedia.

I'm happy to see that JC (of "Mental Shrapnel" fame and a frequent participant here) has returned from a two-month hiatus. It's nice to have my cheering section back.

Well, the past couple of weeks for me have been stressful. I am looking forward to taking the next few days off from work so I can enjoy this incredibly comfortable 103 degree weather we've been having here in Austin. I don't really care if I spend the entire time hanging out at home. As long as I get some time to relax.

...with that comment, I'm going to sign-off for the evening and try to find some time to relax...


Tammy said...

Smokey sounds like a great buddy. I have seven rescued cats, and one of them (a Siamese) looks like Smokey - same coloring, except she's kind of petite.
Please visit my new blog and find out about a survey that is helping a rescue group.
Thanks and say hi to Smokey from Augusto, Carolina and my other kitties.

JC said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out!

I'm so happy to learn more about the beautiful Smokey. Truly a gorgeous cat. I have an elderly buddy as well, Roscoe. He'll be 16 this year, and has the cantankerous old man attitude to back it up. But he's been a great friend over the years, even though I have younger cuter kittens, his loyal companionship has always meant the world to me

I also loved Smokey's repsonse to the MJ issue. Cats are wise that way.

I've been feeding the strays in my cul-de-sac (yes, I'm that person), two of whom recently had kittens. They are so adorable and tiny, and of course I just want to adopt them all, but with the house already full of the 4 I have, I think they're best left outside. Unfortunately, my neighbor seems to think the kitten population is dwindling unusually fast...he saw the local raccoons go after a few, and I've noticed the owls loitering about. Ugly thoughts.

I'm going to do my best to catch the feral momma cats and get them spayed at the local free clinic, and see if I can domesticate the kittens a bit. Hard to do when I'm never home...