Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding Copyright Infringement

I purchased a card for my friend Matt and his wife-to-be who are to be married today. They have been engaged for about two weeks. As crazy as this sounds, I have confidence that their marriage will be a success story. Sometimes you can just tell that two people are right, and this is a perfect example of such a union. The reason for such a quick marriage is due to special circumstances, but personally I think the time is right anyway.

The card I got had a great set of words on it, and this is where the copyright infringement is about to happen (ironic, since Matt is an intellectual property attorney by profession). I hope that Hallmark doesn't mind terribly (especially since I did buy their card) but do feel that these words are ones to be shared...
(on cover of card)
He saw her.
She saw him.

They said, "Hello."

They went on a date.
They kissed.
They called.

They were an item.

He proposed.
She said, "Yes!"

They were married.

(inside card)
Your love story's started,
and there's no end in sight.
(Sounds pretty perfect.)

Congratulations to the both of them. Hope this turns out to be the perfect story that the card says!

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