Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Way Back Into

It's hard to come up with a title for an article that is just a movie update. Thanks to the previously mentioned Netflix subscription, a number of movies have passed my eyes over the past few weeks.
  • Music and Lyrics - Excellent romantic comedy, with a couple of exceptions. The biggest exception is the song "PoP Goes My Heart" that starts the movie. Unless you're a fan of 80s music (I'm NOT), by the time you finish watching this movie you will want to stick an icepick in your ears every time you hear this song. On the plus side, who knew that Drew Barrymore could sing? Like all movies of this genre, the story is predictable from the beginning, but it's the journey that works. I'm thinking that Way Back Into Love is great on a whole lot of levels. I can't explain why, but I have "Buddha's Delight" going through my head now...
  • Superbad - The title of the movie says all I don't feel like saying.
  • The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human - Didn't get past the first 10 minutes. I'm sure that on some level it has some appeal, but I found it just irritated me.
  • How About You - I'm not sure what you call this genre of movie - it's a comedy, and a drama, and it has a lot of old people and one young woman overcoming skeletons in their closet, who eventually learn a lot about life. It was good and I enjoyed it. I could have done without the pot smoking, but that's me. It didn't really add much to the storyline.
  • The Darwin Awards - A comedy that attempts to put a story behind some of the true-to-life stories of its namesake. It's really light and doesn't require a lot of thinking, and has some funny moments. If you're looking for something light, it's not a bad movie. Don't be expecting anything deep or meaningful though.
  • Speaking of Sex - There's an Eternal Sunshine... kind of feel to this movie. Indie comedy stuff. I liked it, and you'll really start to wonder about therapists by the time the whole thing is over.
  • Charlie Bartlett - (speaking of therapists) Charlie is a rich kid who finds his way into trouble attempting to be popular. When he ends up in public school after being kicked out of a bunch of boarding schools, he decides to play psychiatrist and deal prescription drugs. It's a romantic comedy. Think Ferris Bueller meets Pump Up The Volume.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - The movie was okay. I enjoyed it, and I finally understand some of the common references people make to the book. However, most of my friends said that this movie didn't do the books justice, and I should read the book instead. They said it was very watered-down.
  • Hamlet 2 - Another light comedy that spoofs the dedicated teacher genre of movies. It wasn't great, but wasn't bad either.
  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Another romantic comedy. It was good, but I'm starting to get a bit tired of the "clueless guy obsesses over the impossible girl and can't see the good one right in front of him" class of movies. This one was a bit different, though, and I'd say go ahead and see it. The journey is a bit long, but the good guys live happily ever after.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno - Definitely a romantic comedy, with a bit of a twist. I saw this one on Tristin's recommendation, and she was on the money with her comments. It isn't a cheezy movie, it is actually well-done.
  • Dirty Filthy Love - This is most definitely an indie romantic drama and dark comedy. What's dirty and filthy is how it relates to the cast of characters with OCD who can't take having dirt on their hands (it's not filthy in the sexual sense, although there is one steamy sex scene). The good: you find yourself constantly cheering-on the mentally disturbed individuals and getting a sense of their frustration. The bad: the main character obsesses over the woman he can't keep and misses the one who really does love him. Like I said before, that plotline is starting to get old. This one has a bit of a twist that makes me feel a bit better, although I think they may have stretched it a bit. Worth seeing, but keep in mind it is a drama, not really a comedy, and an indie romantic drama at that. If you liked Lars and the Real Girl, you may like this one too.
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse - They say this is a comedy. After 20 minutes, I couldn't watch any more, it was depressing me. All I can remember is that this was 20 minutes of a girl that couldn't catch a break from anyone, and the scenarios were just not funny. I'm kind of curious what happened in the end, but like Southland Tales (awful awful awful) I'm not sure I really care.
  • Cashback - Romantic comedy/drama. A bit odd, and very much cerebral. The movie was actually good, but don't see it when you're looking for something lighthearted.
In most cases, this is more a summary of how I felt about these movies, rather than the overall plot. I've included IMDB references to each if you're interested in knowing more.

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