Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lunchus Ejectus

This weekend has turned out to be worse than last weekend. I should have suspected that something was amiss when half my tongue and throat was sore and my tongue felt swollen last weekend. On Thursday a friend and I met for lunch and I had the chile relleno plate. What I didn't realize was that I would be painfully seeing and tasting that lunch again a few hours later in not-so-pleasant forms and spending the entire night in and out of the bathroom. I nearly dragged myself to the emergency room since I was starting to feel so weak between bathroom visits I could hardly make it back to bed.

At first I thought this was food poisoning, but my friend and I had the same thing to eat, and she thankfully didn't end up sick. Then I remembered the sore throat and how drained I've been feeling, and have come to the conclusion that I probably have some form of the flu. Which one doesn't really matter - feeling miserable doesn't need a name.

So Friday I was off from work, sick. I'm still not feeling well, but better than I was. I've been eating a bland diet trying to get my stomach back to normal, but frankly nothing really feels too good. I anticipate that I'll be back at work on Monday but once again the ability to have a bit of a rest has gone down the toilet (almost literally).

So to add one remaining data point to punctuate a most irritating week... A while back my Mom recommended that I see the movie Marley & Me. "It's really good," she said. "But it has a sad ending," she also said. Now I'd say that the movie, cinematically, is good. [Possible spoilers follow] However, it isn't really a good idea to recommend a movie featuring a misbehaving dog, the development of a family with 3 kids (including one "oops"), to culminate in the decision to put the old dog to don't recommend a movie like this to someone who's childfree, depressed, and who has an 18-year-old cat. It simply was not an uplifting movie. I've seen too many situations like this throughout my short existence on this planet.

A movie that really is good is Outsourced. This is not another depressing movie about US workers losing their jobs to cheap foreign labor. It really is an uplifting movie. It has humor and romance and is just all around good. I enjoyed it. I was planning on seeing it anyway (it was in my Netflix queue), but decided more quickly to see it on a friend's recommendation. She actually found the call center activity realistic and funny, and it was, but I just enjoyed it entirely.

Anyhow, that's the latest. Here's hoping for some good health again pretty soon, a chance to relax, and a return to some witty (?) banter...

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JC said...

UGH, sorry to hear you were so ill...hopefully feeling better now. (But your posting title did make me chuckle, although unwittingly!)

And that dang movie - yet another one that I ended up watching on an airplane (the only place I ever have enough time to see a whole movie uninterrupted by work), whicih is of course, a public space. Of course I ended up bawling in public, never my favorite thing to do. I agree with your assessment - and I never would recommend that to anyone I know that loves animals, period. It just hits too close to home.

Anyway, for something funny: have you seen Flight of the Conchords? I don't have HBO at home, but most Hilton hotels do, so I get to see it sometimes. And Air Canada has it on their In-Flight entertainment center, so I catch it occasionally. I have to say, I found myself laughing out loud on my last Air Canada flight. I think Seasons I and II are on DVD now if you want to catch it.