Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bastard Song

I searched for this all over the 'net and couldn't find I have the movie I'll Take You There right now, here are the words to The Bastard Song, because I thought it was great and, well, it needs to be immortalized...

The Bastard Song
Written by Adrienne Shelly & Andrew Hollander
(from the movie I'll Take You There)

It's a world of suffering
In a sea of pain.
No matter how much sun you bring
You're pummeled by the rain.

So what's the use in getting up
And what's the use in tryin'?
And what's the use in listening
When everybody's lyin'?

Don't let the heartless get you down.
Don't greet the heartless at your door.
Don't live among the heartless.

The life you lead just turns to shit.
Your joy it falls to treason.
There isn't any rhyme to it
There isn't any reason.

Don't let the bastards get you down.
Don't greet the bastards at your door.
Don't live among the bastards.

In this dead-end universe
Where there seems to be no grace
There are heavens on the map
There are humans in the race
There are people you can trust
When you need some decency
You can trust someone like you
You can trust someone like me.

Don't let the strangers get you down.
Don't greet the strangers at your door.
Don't live among the strangers
My friend.

Don't live among the strangers
The heartless
The bastards
My love...


Maya said...

just saw this movie, love the song! Thanks for the lyrics.

Jack said...

Wan't that a great Movie. I am very impressed Ms. Shelly had done so much good work. I liked the song to and tried to find it on Youtube but no. Nobody has put it there yet. It is a good movie and I am going to watch it again in a few weeks. Thanks for the words. I am going to try to memories them so I can sing it at work.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you put these words up. I liked the movie and wish Adrianne Shelly was still alive. You have a nice blog, I wish you success.

M said...

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, sort of a harsh version of When Harry met Sally. When you're misterable, sometimes it takes someone bold to step in and bump you back to reality.

Anonymous said...

i rewatched this movie, pre-dvd - to keep transcribing til i got all the lyrics down.....thnx- esh

Anonymous said...

thanks from me too. this song was in a scene in "I'll Take You There."

wonderful song.

Anonymous said...

please.. someone.. sound capture the song and share t_t..

ArcherDirector said...

Thanks for posting the Lyrics. I found a website of Andrew Hollander's work if you click on the image for I'll Take You There. It has a player the song At
Although it's not the man who sang it in the movie, I liked the older man playing the piano better the story was so sweet.