Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Bloody Mess

Sometimes something so strangely funny happens, you just have to share it on here...

I saw the season premere of South Park tonight. This is the episode where Kyle's brother Ike sees dead celebrities. One of them is Billy Mays.

{brief topic change}
I had Chipotle for lunch on Tuesday (yesterday). I haven't had lunch there for a while because the quality of the food at that particular Chipotle just hadn't been too good. Since I went to get my hair cut at lunch, and because Chipotle was right around the corner, and I was running a bit late, I figured, "Why not?" So I had Chipotle. It was actually pretty tasty.

{about three hours before I started writing this and a couple of hours before South Park}
I had to go to the bathroom and, argh, the friggin' rectal bleeding started again. I was hoping I had that under control, but I guess a little too little water and a little too much food was the recipe for that problem again. Hopefully not for too long, I'll need to soften the stool a bit for the next few days. I know this is gross, and I'm serious about it happening, but stay with me...there really is something funny about it.

{back to South Park}
So I'm watching South Park, and one of the celebrities that Ike sees is Billy Mays, who does a commercial for Chipotlaway. "Do you like to eat Chipotle but can't get the blood stains out of your underwear?" WTF?! How did the comedy geniuses who do South Park know that I had Chipotle and that I was having problems with rectal bleeding? And is it well-known that eating Chipotle really causes rectal bleeding? Why can't I have a golden rectum like Stan?

The bigger question though is, "Now that I know that eating Chipotle causes rectal bleeding, will I still continue to eat it, or buy Chipotlaway?"

If any of this seems obtuse, please, I beg you to watch the latest episode of South Park.

Oh, and if either Matt or Trey are here reading this, no, it wasn't too soon... Touche. Very well done. If the rest of the season is as well-done as this episode, I'll be looking forward to it!

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Kickstand said...

I work at Chipotle and have rectal bleeding, no shit! No pun intended. I kind of thought wtf when I finally stopped laughing...