Saturday, July 17, 2010

Consequences Will Never Be The Same

I'm really not that up on the whole Internet culture thing these days, except for when I can somehow grok it through my own old-school glasses.  Every once in a while, though, I accidentally stumble upon a piece of that culture, and after I finish laughing, it kind of makes me go, "Hmmmm...."  Or, maybe, "Epic Fail."

Such as the case of Jessi Slaughter aka. KerliGirl13 aka. Jessica Leonhardt (per Know Your Meme). In short, this 11-year-old girl got on the Internet and kind of pushed the envelope looking for attention while affiliating herself with music groups and cultures that are, to be kind, "way out there."  The graphic in this text is taken from her piczo page (which may or may not exist by the time you read this).  In any case, apparently she got razzed by some people on YouTube and she played the tough gal and inadvertently attracted further razzing.  Along comes Dad, sees his daughter all upset, and decides he's going to make an example of these punks.  He gets onto a video with Jessica crying and starts yelling into the video with such comments as that he's "backtraced" the people who did this and they've been reported to the "cyber police and the state police" and that if they go after his daughter "the consequences will never be the same."  Uhhh....okay.  Dad, let me give you a bit of a lesson from an old-school Internet nerd who got mercilessly teased in school before there even was a such thing as the Internet:  You just made matters worse.  No, really, you did, for several reasons:
  1. In the old days, you could say such comments and the kids would run past your house and mock you.  Today, kids take the video of your full-of-rage rant and mix it to music (or otherwise parody it), then put it back on the Internet for the whole world to see.  You'd be surprised how many people see it, too.
  2. It's understandable why you'd be a bit upset to see your daughter crying because a bunch of kids made fun of her...BUT...did you realize you just threatened a bunch of people who you don't know.  You don't really know what these people are capable of.  You made the same mistake your daughter did, except you're expected to know better.  Worse, though, imagine one of the kids you just threatened ends up dead somewhere, and they "backtrace" only to find that this kid was somehow associated with teasing your daughter.  Do you understand how quickly your ass will land in jail?  I'm sure you only got online to teach the "little pricks" a lesson by scaring them a little, but in the eyes of the law these days, understand you're guilty until proven innocent in this kind of situation.
  3. Most importantly, you reacted without looking at the kind of stuff your daughter was putting out there on the Internet.  You didn't supervise her use of the Internet (an adult resource, by the way).  You didn't take any time to understand the music groups and the culture your daughter was affiliating herself with.  You were not being a parent.
To Jessica...  Hey, there...  Do you actually have any idea what half of the terms you have in that graphic I included really mean?  You think you're so grown-up and really have a belief system that is so much more real than what everyone else is and does.  Surprise.  Maybe you should consider the meaning of the words you profess to be what you believe.  Why?  Well, in your father's words, because "the consequences will never be the same."  Or something like that...

For a further chuckle, see the following link: ("Play Jessi Slaughter's Family Off Keyboard Cat")

DYSCLAIMER:  I don't agree with anything in that graphic with Jessica's comments above.  I just included it for reference...

PS: Yes, I know I spelled "disclaimer" wrong...  That was on purpose.

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