Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicken Something

The other night I was trying to figure out what to eat for dinner.  I had some frozen chicken breasts and some various other foodstuff, but it was all the same thing I had been eating for a while.  I was thinking about my friend Mary's "Poor Person's Dirty Rice" recipe that really wasn't much more than rice in an Italian meat sauce, but it was tasty.

Looking at the stuff I had around, I took a now defrosted chicken breast and chopped it up into chunks (about half-inch) and marinaded them in a mix of soy sauce and rice vinegar (that I happened to have around for when I make tangerine chicken).  I then cooked some rice using the microwave method and when that was almost done, I drained most of the marinade and fried the chicken chunks using a non-stick pan with a bit of olive oil.  I then took the (now cooked) rice and put it into the frying pan and fried (stir-fried?) the rice with the chicken chunks, adding a little bit of soy sauce to the mix.

I don't know what I made, but it was actually pretty good.  Chicken fried rice?  Not-really-teriyaki-chicken?  Let's just call it "Chicken Something...with fried rice"

I realized afterward that some green peas probably would have made this a more complete meal and added some additional flavor/texture to the mix.  I will need to do that next time (I always keep some frozen peas around).

It seems that I always have a supply on hand of chicken breasts and rice, as these two things are a versatile tool of the lone bachelor who wants to eat something more interesting than a frozen dinner or a value meal from McDonald's.  What I usually cook is chicken, cooked in Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup (half can of water rather than a full can), and served over rice.  Chicken Something will now be a part of my menu and yet another thing I can make easily with chicken and rice.

Update:  August 9:

Well, here it is with peas...  Not bad...

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Speck said...

Hey! That looks really good! Kudos to you for putting that together on the fly!