Monday, August 9, 2010

Eight Nine Ten

An old friend of mine that managed to find me via Facebook a while back reminded us all that it was 8/9/10 today.  The fact that I missed that indicates the level of my burned-outedness right now.  I am desperately in need of a vacation, something that I will be getting next week.  If I forget October 10, please come and check to see if I'm still alive...

I guess Facebook is good for something.

A few days ago I watched the movie Mary and Max.  It's an animated adult movie (not porn, adult as in those who have reached a certain level of maturity) about an eight year old Australian girl who becomes pen-pals with a middle-aged New Yorker with Asperger's syndrome.  More to the point, it is the story of two people who are both outcasts in their own existence coming together to help each other make it through life.  It is supposed to be based on a true story, but I'm always suspect of what that means (especially after seeing Assume The Position with Mr.'ll know what I mean if you've seen it).  Anyway, while kind of sad, it is also kind of uplifting, and I found it to be a great movie.  The only negative comment I have is that the end seemed very abrupt, leaving you wondering how things really worked out.  I felt the same way about Ghost World as well, and for both movies the remainder of the story is so well done that I accepted the ending for what it was.

This movie was supposed to be a comedy, and I believe that it really was, with funny parts throughout.  However, for me it was kind of serious as well.  While I don't believe I actually have Asperger's, my own personality and situation has some distinct similarities to the Max Horovitz character in the movie.  When I receive e-mails from people lately that inadvertently cause me to recognize my own social awkwardness, I tend to have a small form of panic attack that, like Max, puts my mind into an infinite loop trying to figure out how to respond, and how to cope with the feelings that have just been brought up to the surface.  I like things to be in order.  I feel rules are there to be followed, not to be broken...most of the time, anyway.  I have extreme sensitivities to noise and odors, which only seem to become worse with age.  These situations seemed to become somewhat crippling to Max, while at the same time he saw the world as broken and not him (I also am this way).

I doubt that most of you will see Mary and Max quite the way I did, and will probably find it more entertaining than something to identify with.  The animation was very well-done (fans of Wallace and Grommit will definitely enjoy this).  Most certainly, not for kids.  Unless you want to explain to your kids why babies come from the bottom of glasses of beer in Australia.

Finally, since my Netflix DVD queue is kind of lacking right now, I've been watching old episodes of Freaks and Geeks lately.  First, one of the "extra features" on the DVD was a promo for the release-on-DVD of SCTV.  Those who know what I'm talking about will be jumping for joy right now.  Some people found some of the DVDs to be disappointing, thinking they weren't the SCTV they remember.  I will let you know what I discover.  Also from Freaks and Geeks tonight is the following quotable quote about marijuana between two of the characters on the show:
(about pot)
"It's from the Earth.  It's natural.  Why would it be there if you weren't supposed to smoke it?"

"Dog crap is here, and we don't smoke that."
And on that note, I will conclude my time today in 8/9/10 and get some sleep.

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