Thursday, August 19, 2010

If I Were A Bull...

I was just watching our local news that covered a story out of Northern Spain (not really local)...aptly titled, "Bull Jumps From Arena To Stands Injuring 30 People."

According to the story (and included video) during a bullfight in Northern Spain, the bull apparently got a bit...annoyed...and decided to jump the wall into the stands goring several people in its path.  "At least 30 people were injured.  A 10-year-old is in serious condition.  One man was gored in the back."

The announcer goes on to say, "It is unclear why the bull left the bull ring..." (then, obviously recovering from reading the printed copy and understanding what she just said) "Maybe he wanted to get away!"  Well, duh!

So let's think about this rationally for a second.  It is the year 2010.  I guess in Spain, people still gather in a stadium watching (for entertainment) while a person violently taunts a bull.  Bull = 1,100-2,200 lb. animal.  Same people are surprised and somewhat outraged when the taunted and abused animal fights back.

I don't think I will ever understand people.

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