Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TiVo's Revenge

As if someone from TiVo was reading this blog, all of a sudden today they announced that Pandora was now available on the series 3 TiVos, including the TiVo HD.  In addition, I was first told this by "Interceptor" (yes, I do remember who you are) in a comment and Susan D. in a private e-mail.  I'm sure I will continue to hear this for the next couple of weeks, but I do thank y'all for letting me know about it.  To add insult to injury, TiVo also put a message on my TiVo HD that Pandora was now available for the Premere, even though I was not on a Premere and it really did work on my TiVo HD.


Does this change my opinion of TiVo?  Unfortunately, no.  The damage has kind of been done already.

On that note, I found a cartoon from The Oatmeal titled Why I'd Rather Be Punched In The Testicles Than Call Customer Service that I think is appropriate here...

Also, my RoadRunner service has been failing intermittently all evening long.  It seems I have somehow evoked bad Karma from somewhere...

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