Friday, December 24, 2010

Meet Emmy

Meet Emmy, the new feline in my life -- adopted from the Austin Humane Society this past Sunday.  Emmy is just over 3 years old and is a domestic short-hair with tortoiseshell coloring.

So far, she's doing very well in her new environment, and got a clean bill-of-health at the vet's office yesterday morning.

I didn't have too many specific requirements for a cat -- but the following traits were desirable:
  1. No litterbox issues (pretty important)
  2. Reasonably good with other cats (in case I happen to end up in a relationship with someone who already has cats)
  3. Has a good "motor" (purrs a lot)
  4. Will be be able to hold a conversation well (in other words, "talks" people know what I mean)
  5. Friendly around other people (in addition to me)
Emmy actually meets all of these, in addition to traveling OK in the car and handles being at the vet's office very well.

I wanted to wait until after this first vet visit before actually saying much here because things could have possibly changed if she had some serious health problem (one never wants to think about this, but vet care for some illnesses can easily cost several thousand dollars).  I have also been a bit recalling some of the sadness for the loss of Smokey a few months ago.

Anyway, expect to hear more about Emmy as time goes on.  If she keeps doing well in the car, I may have a feline companion on my next big car trip!

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