Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bye Bye Pogo

I realize I haven't said much here lately, and I have mixed emotions about this.  This is partially because I have had some personal issues to deal with, and partially because I simply haven't had much to say, in general.

So my apologies in advance for this completely negative comment after a long period of silence.


I tried to go on and use First Class Solitaire this evening and they are now requiring Flash to use it, and as you all know, I refuse to put Flash on my computer (it is extremely unsafe, proprietary, and entirely up to Adobe as to what platforms they support).  Pogo's solitaire game as well as several others were Java-based and easily run on any OS I could throw at it.

I'm growing more and more sick of this inability for web application developers to use open standards in their designs, or at least a language (such as Java) that can be compiled on just about any platform.  While I am not usually one to wish harm upon people, I hope deep in my heart that Adobe does something so incredibly horrific with Flash that it causes people to finally open their eyes to the dangers of trusting a single company's proprietary software with such a large share of web presentation (particularly when there are open standards out there for a reason).

Bye bye Pogo.  Fsck you.  Byte my ascii.

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