Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was just thinking (as I sit here listening to Pandora)...  Aside from irony, I wonder what it would mean if I fell asleep at the wheel while listening to the group, "Asleep At The Wheel."  Sounds like a good question for philosoraptor.

Today I was able to watch the person who introduced me to Blogger a few years ago - Speck of Texas - get married.  It was a small wedding but very nicely done.  I think she should post the wedding vows on her blog, because she mentioned how difficult they were to write.  In the end, they were perfect, and I feel that they were really meaningful.  It's amazing how so many people go through the motions of what are in the standard vows, and that she really took the time to think about what she was really committing to.  Anyhow, one of many things that was good about the wedding.  I don't like the dressing-up part of weddings.  In spite of the dressing-up stuff, this was a good wedding in that it brought people together to share in celebrating two people committing to sharing their lives with one another with good food and conversation in a beautiful venue.  It beats the heck out of the usual weddings that I have come to dislike with the loud music, obnoxious DJ, and .. well .. let me just not think about it...

OUCH!  Well, I experienced an extreme pain yesterday in the calf of my right leg that seems, as near as I can tell, torn calf muscle.  In point of fact, I have never felt pain so bad in my life.  It happened as I stepped-up on a short brick retaining wall around a garden trying to go around the irrigation (sprinkler) heads I was adjusting on the system in my yard.  That put a complete finish on any yard work.  I now need to see the doctor for advice, to make sure it isn't something worse.  Argh.  Thanks to, there's a great article explaining what happened and what needs to be done at  I need to stop thinking about this as I start to feel worse when I think more about it.  Just last week, I had a lesser injury to the calf of my left least I think it was that one.  I can't catch a damn break.

Anyhow, time for bed.  I need some sleep.  I'm tired.  It has been a big weekend.

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