Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Comes and Goes

A couple of weeks ago I completed another year of experience in life.  Like many things these days, it was good (as in, I survived it), it was real, but I'm not sure it was really good.  In fact, in some ways the past year downright sucked.

I've wanted to write and, believe it or not, I have written a fair amount...but it was a fair amount I decided not to publish.  In point of fact, in the past 4 weeks I wrote 4 entries that I never finished and never published.  The content was too controversial and there wasn't an easy way to keep it down to length that would enable someone to read it.  However, most of all, I got tired of writing what I felt was me providing opinions that I felt would never be corroborated.  That may be what turning 48 has meant to me - another year has past, and another year that I feel like an outsider and completely misunderstood.

Unlike some people, I don't hold differing opinions just to play "devil's advocate" or to seek attention.  I feel that I'm able to see the world from a slightly different perspective than the popular one...and I can't really say exactly why.  I have always been this way, and it has always kept me dealing with life on my own.  Lately, though, I do wonder where I'm headed next.  I keep remembering the immortal words of Yukon Cornelius when he said to King Moonraiser, the leader of the Island of Unwanted Toys, "Even among misfits you're misfits!"  Sometimes my opinions are spot-on, at other times they're just a spot (aka. blemish)...but I do feel we don't get anywhere by doing the same wrong things and expecting everything to just get better.  I seem to find that happening a lot, too.

So here are some things to think about, if not do...based on my "out there" ideas...
  • I just got done seeing the movie "Fat Head," a documentary that takes-on Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me."  I strongly recommend seeing this movie (Fat Head, that is...).  First, it is absolutely funny.  Really, it is, and it is funny without lots of shock value.  Second, it really does take Spurlock to task on his documentary, with some very interesting results.  Finally, what it does is encourage people to stop acting as though they're stupid.  See this movie.  I strongly recommend it.  You will like it much better if you've already seen "Super Size Me" and it convinced you that McDonald's is the evil empire.
  • I just heard that at&t has purchased T-Mobile (okay, in point of fact, the purchase has begun but will take some time and regulatory approval to complete).  ARGH!  I really, really hate at&t.  I hate T-Mobile also, in a way, but I was happy not to have to deal with at&t.  I'm wondering if CB radios could somehow come back into style again...  Hmmm...  (note: in case it wasn't abundantly clear, my mobile phone provider is T-Mobile)
  • An update on Cisco and the incredible 3750-X switch's malfunctioning port status LEDs:  Latest is that the IOS release that will allegedly fix this problem has been delayed to an April release instead of March.  Why doesn't this surprise me?  I think that Cisco is too far gone to ever recover from what they've become, I'm sad to say.  I can only hope that someone else can push the obese remains of this networking technology giant out of the way so we can have quality and innovation again.  Cisco is no longer an innovator.
  • Speaking of bad technology...  My evaluation of Juniper Networks' equipment has begun, and I was horrified to discover that their built-in web-based switch management heavily uses Flash.  Thankfully, I never use these web-based tools anyway, having a strong preference for the command-line interface (CLI).  However, it leaves me a bit sad in that people still haven't discovered that Flash is an abomination that must go away and get replaced by open standards if we are ever to move forward.
  • Speaking of Adobe (who owns Flash technology, by the way)...  I wanted to download the Adobe Reader for Windows 7 so I could look at some PDF documents.  You can't download Adobe Reader anymore without Adobe tainting your browser with their plug-in.  No more just downloading the application and installing it...  After about 15 minutes of trying to find some way of downloading just the reader, I decided to just install the Cygwin X server (which includes the open source xpdf reader) and just viewed the documents that way.  Shame again on Adobe...  I hate that company with a passion.
You may be wondering what's happening with Emmy (my cat).  Well, I'm delighted to report that she and I are coming to a bit more of an understanding as of late.  I suspect that she was a bit younger than she was reported to be, and was still getting out some of that kitten mischief that anyone who has owned a kitten knows all-too-well.  It is clear that she's starting to appreciate my serious side, and I'm appreciating some of her rebellious side.  Given that me and humans can't seem to grok each other, it's good to have a cat around the house who at least somewhat "gets" me.

I'm not sure where this "blog" is headed next.  I realize that it was resurrected from the dead last year after I all but signed its funeral papers.  There is a part of me that feels this needs to happen again, only permanently.  There's another part of me that feels compelled to keep writing.  There will be some information I'm sure I can provide about Juniper's EX series of switches after I'm finished evaluating them that could probably be a big help to those who need to manage them.  I wonder, though, just how useful that will be, and it really isn't something I want to do with my spare time...  We'll see how things go...


Anonymous said...

Fat Head sucks and that guy is an idiot.

cpu said...

Thanks for your insightful comments.

I'll give you the benefit of disagreeing with my opinion that the movie was humorous and mildly educational. I'm sure that's what you meant when you said it sucked.

However, the guy seemed far from being an "idiot." Did he get specific material facts wrong? I'm not sure. I enjoyed "Super Size Me" (still think it was good), but I can't say that the "golden arches" is the evil empire that Spurlock implies (he isn't an idiot either). I thought "Fat Head" was a fun movie (although I found it did repeat some things a bit too often, as many of these comedy/documentary movies do), and it did give me something to speak with my doctor about at the next physical exam!

mjp said...

Thanks for your tip on "Fat Head"... I never heard of it but loved Super Sized so I will pick it up for sure.


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