Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Property Tax Bitching

Dear Certain Travis County, TX Voters:

Please don't gripe any more about your damn property taxes being too high.  Please, just STFU.

Let me explain to you what it means when you vote to approve the issuance of a municipal bond:  It means your taxes go up.  That's right.  The municipal bond fairy doesn't somehow wave her magic wand and suddenly money comes out of thin air to pay for the project the bonds were proposed to fund.  No, those bonds are issued and our property taxes go up to pay for them.

I'm sick of you people constantly voting to approve spending more money and then bitching about how your property taxes are going up.  If you keep voting to issue bonds and approve tax increases to pay for them, then your taxes will go up.  How many different ways can I convey this concept to you?

For those of you who had the good sense to realize that this isn't a good time to start projects that require an increase in property taxes:  Please join with me in telling the rest of the people to stop the griping and just pay their damn taxes.  They got what they wanted.  Now shut up.



PS:  Oh, may I also direct the other 90% of the registered voters in Travis County who didn't even bother to come out and vote to shut their mouths as well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

R.I.P. Andy Rooney

I just found out that Andy Rooney - a person who was an inspiration to me in some subtle ways - died on November 4 at 92 years old.  I suppose, in a way, I could see it coming.  When Andy stopped appearing regularly at the end of 60 Minutes, I knew something had to be going wrong.  It was always clear to me that the grumpy old guy really did love being able to dispense his form of wisdom every week.  I say "grumpy old guy" truly in the most admirable way, since I really think that's exactly how Andy Rooney wanted to be remembered.  As grumpy as he was, though, I think he did so with the best of intention.  He always seemed to be able to cut through the sentimental crap and get right to the point on things.  This is what I admired about him and, in many ways, I think how he inspired me.  If Andy didn't truly care, deep inside, about the stuff he spoke about, he wouldn't have said it.  The people who didn't like Andy were probably those who expected the normal sugar-coated commentary they had come to expect from the usual news droids.

There were times I wanted to jump through the TV set and say, "Hey, Andy, the reason why they put cotton in pill bottles is to prevent the pills from banging against each other and breaking!"  Then I thought about it for a second and realized that was his way of saying, "Then why in heck didn't the idiots make the bottle the correct size for the pills?"

There is not a whole lot more to say except that I will miss Andy Rooney's commentary on 60 Minutes.  If  he were here right now, he'd probably be really pissed off that everyone (including me) was making such a big deal about his work after he died.  Well, that's okay.  We all grieve in our own ways.