Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Property Tax Bitching

Dear Certain Travis County, TX Voters:

Please don't gripe any more about your damn property taxes being too high.  Please, just STFU.

Let me explain to you what it means when you vote to approve the issuance of a municipal bond:  It means your taxes go up.  That's right.  The municipal bond fairy doesn't somehow wave her magic wand and suddenly money comes out of thin air to pay for the project the bonds were proposed to fund.  No, those bonds are issued and our property taxes go up to pay for them.

I'm sick of you people constantly voting to approve spending more money and then bitching about how your property taxes are going up.  If you keep voting to issue bonds and approve tax increases to pay for them, then your taxes will go up.  How many different ways can I convey this concept to you?

For those of you who had the good sense to realize that this isn't a good time to start projects that require an increase in property taxes:  Please join with me in telling the rest of the people to stop the griping and just pay their damn taxes.  They got what they wanted.  Now shut up.



PS:  Oh, may I also direct the other 90% of the registered voters in Travis County who didn't even bother to come out and vote to shut their mouths as well.

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