Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New interface - Yuck

Dear Google/Blogger-

I don't like your new interface.  The old interface had its problems, but I really don't like the new interface.  Since your "feedback" systems won't let you see what I really see, I am laying it out for you here (note that clicking on the screen-shots will provide a full-size view of what I see):

This is what the old interface looks like for me.

What I like:   The font is compact, and it is one that renders great on all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac alike).  It displays quickly and the display is used more efficiently than the new interface.  Actions are simply text links, and are easy to read and find.  They don't take a lot of space on the display, so a lot can fit cleanly in a small space -- a small space that happens when you use a netbook, or use a portion of your display for a web browser and other parts for other items.  I also have my browser in a "portrait" configuration, since I view it like I would view a piece of paper.  The chosen colors are easy to look at (are not overly bright).

What I don't like:  Stuff goes off the right-hand side of the browser display.  Because there is a lot of waste on the left side, it becomes necessary to horizontally scroll.  Thankfully, the horizontal scrollbar has not been removed as seems to happen on many of Google's new products.  I don't know whether they do that purposely, or it happens because they confuse the browser by forcing the display window to be a certain size.

This is what the Blogger dashboard looks like to me with the new interface.

What I like:  Less horizontal scrolling.  I think someone must have heard me when I complained about this, and I do appreciate that.  Some of this was accomplished with drop-down menus.  If these were done using the default browser rendering and, perhaps, text cues, then it would actually work nicely.

What I don't like:  Let's start with the simple...the color of the page is blindingly bright.  The old interface offset some of the white space with some calmer tones to make it easier to read in a variety of room lighting situations.  I don't like the graphical styled buttons and drop-down menus.  These take up way too much space on the page - they were obviously designed for a screen with much higher resolution.  On a smaller display, it's obnoxious.  The font that is used for the larger text is ugly, and again, way too big.  The indentation and wasted space on the left hand side of the display causes information to the right of that to get pushed down smaller.  Why are you indenting this?  What is the purpose for wasting space on the left hand side of the screen for a "New Blog" button?  Again, this compresses useful information - about my current blogs - on the right side of the display.  Do I need to have a language selection on this page?  Shouldn't this be part of my Blogger profile?   Why not put creating a new blog up there, where there is plenty of space, and allow the blog listings to take more space on the dashboard?

This is how the new post selection screen looks to me.  I think the ugliness of this is self-explanatory.  All of the ridiculousness that I mentioned above -- the ugly font, wasting left-hand side of the screen, excessive space between posts, etc. -- is all evident here.  Where a whole list of blog posts could easily be seen without scrolling, here scrolling is a necessity.  Like many other poor web layouts, this one insists on putting infrequently-used stuff on the left side of the screen which pushes stuff off the right side of the screen and forces horizontal scrolling.  The indentation of the material on the left side of the screen only compounds the problem.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then there's this mess...  Oh, where do I begin?  I had to go back to the old interface so I could get access to all the editing buttons, because many of them went off the right-hand side of the display.  This is freaking awful.  Every dang time I tried to do editing, and my mouse pointer would get close to the right side of the screen, the darn menu would pop into the middle of the screen.  Oh, yeah, I see that you did that so I wouldn't need to horizontally scroll.  I appreciate THAT.  What I don't need is the damn menu constantly popping into the middle of what I'm writing.  Oh, and do you see a horizontal scrollbar?  That's right, not there.  This is just a culmination of everything I hate in the new Google interfaces and how it looks in general.  Lots of big fonts.  Lots of graphical-type buttons.  Lots of things that show how the people who designed the new interface spent hours in front of a display that was 1920x1080 resolution and using the whole display for the browser, instead of on a computer that someone may actually be using with other windows open to reference information.  Yes, when I write my blog entries, I keep other things opened up - like e-mail, a dictionary, maybe something else I may  be referencing.  No, Blogger is not the entire focus of my world.

Seriously guys ... you want me to go to this new interface?  If so, I can't blog here anymore.  It has become completely not-fun.  I really wanted to send this all to you, but you don't have a feedback button that allows this much feedback.  So here it is.  Hopefully, you'll encounter this and see it, and it helps you to improve the service.  Unfortunately, like everything else I've seen of Google, it probably will never change back.  Sorry, but I don't like this new style.  It doesn't work for me.



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i agree with you..........
let's talk to blogger center about this problem.........