Monday, April 9, 2012

Sticking A Fork In It

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Well, this blog will unfortunately be coming to a permanent close soon.  As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything in a while.  I'm just not enjoying doing this much anymore.  However, what am enjoying less is how Google seems to be insisting that their look-and-feel be so incredibly screen-consuming and .. well .. ugly, that I really am starting to hate using their stuff, and that is now moving along to Blogger.

In the screen capture in this entry you'll see a subtle example of what is pissing me off.  A recent change to the top menu above my blog is now missing links because they go off the right side of my browser display.  Of particular importance is the "Sign In" link (or Dashboard).  The only way I can get to that (because whatever they do, the horizontal "bottom" scrollbar is also missing) is to consume my entire display with the web browser, click the link, then resize again to the orientation I like.  I have found no way to report this bug, either.

The new Blogger "dashboard" interface they intend on forcing on us this month is filled with these kinds of gems.  Instead of a nice clean approach that currently exists, they are putting these excessively large custom graphic buttons in place of the browser-rendered ones, having lots of whitespace all over the place, and forcing stuff off the right hand side of the browser display.  This is nothing new for Google as of late -- on my netbook, Google Maps is now annoying to use for the same reason.  There is so much space taken-up by their silly menus and stuff (not to mention the speed hit for all the scripting to support G+) that there is much less useful space to use the map.

I grow tired of dealing with this bad web site design, and since they insist on forcing this poor design on everyone, I have no other recourse but to find a different place to host the blog.

Between Facebook's miserable "timeline" thing and now this...  It's just a sad period of web history.


As I was editing this entry, it seems they've been changing the top menu because now what I used to use to get to the dashboard is entirely missing...  Argh.

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Speck said...

sorry you're having so many problems with it!