Monday, September 3, 2012

Define Your Abbreviations

I keep seeing the abbreviation "Ft." in some YouTube videos and could not figure out what it meant (certainly not foot, or feet, or Fort, or...). For example:

Define Your Abbreviations (Ft. The Mad Computer Scientist)

Upon looking around through several search engines, I was able to figure out that the abbreviation, in this context, means featuring. This is used in music (and video media) to credit an artist who influenced (provided the basis for), or was included on the work.

For those arrogant people (mostly young'uns) who said in various forums that one should know this already, since they say it all the time (and show the abbreviation) in music videos: Some of us, both old and young, don't watch music videos (on MTV, etc.). Since there is already an established definition of the abbreviation Ft. (at least in American English) it would seem that the obligation is on you to define your abbreviations somewhere. If you arbitrarily change the language, it becomes very difficult to communicate. A better abbreviation would have been feat., and my understanding is that they did use that, but someone decided that four letters was way too many and shortened it to two.

I can't wait until someone creates a Fort The Mad Computer Scientist. Then nobody will be able to tell whether my example above is referring to the fort, or if I'm being featured. Haha.

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