Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Blogger Interface - Crap

Blogger just forced their new interface on me.  I was actually going to include this in another post, which I decided not to post...but this needs to be said, as it will likely be the last thing I post here.

Like the stereotypical view of FOX News, Google thinks if they say something enough times it will become true. In Google's update on the "new Blogger interface" they say:
we’ve made dozens of improvements for devices with smaller screens and touch screens.
Really? Where? Where have you addressed the numerous complaints I have sent in feedback and have outlined in this blog page ( It is the same craptastic layout that I have in my blog posting.

If you're really interested in addressing my issues with your interface, and I know you really aren't, but just in case you are, set your browser display to a horizontal resolution of approximately 750 pixels. Now look at your work. You will notice that it looks like crap. I'll even allow you 800 pixels wide, if you want to give yourself 50 more. Now before you say, "buhhhttt...screens are wider these days." YES, THEY ARE. I know that. I don't run JUST your application. I have other stuff on my screen too, at the same time, and 800 pixels is a lot of real estate, for me. I'm not saying that everything needs to fit within that 800 pixels, but the more important stuff most certainly should, and I should be able to horizontally scroll to get to the not-as-important stuff that doesn't fit there. The posting editor should definitely adjust to the width of the browser display. I mean, why in heck wouldn't it?!

Vertical space, too, shouldn't be just wasted, because again, I only have so much space before I have to start vertically scrolling.

Instead of incorporating every whiz-bang font and feature you can conjure-up into your web designs, take a deep breath, step back, and incorporate some human factors analysis into your web design. What are the important navigational parts of the page? How can the page be made to flow easily? How can the fonts be made to work properly on a variety of different dot-per-inch display formats? Use fonts that don't look like crap when anti-aliasing is turned off (because anti-aliased fonts look fuzzy, kind of like it was done with a 30 year old typewriter and an old typewriter ribbon, when viewed on a LCD display, which is what everyone is using these days).

Things shouldn't start popping out in the middle of the screen as soon as the mouse passes over some place. That's absolutely annoying. I can do a single click of a mouse button to pull down a menu if I need it. If it's something I will be clicking a lot, then, for heaven's sake, add it somewhere in the navigation area!! Is that too much to ask? Google Maps' right-hand interface (map/satellite and the pop-down menu below it) is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of this DREADFUL interface.

You're going to force me to use your new interface? Wonderful. Thanks for adding yet another craptastic user interface to the world.


Fusion m0dz said...

RE: Google blogger just forced an updated User Interface and are not offering to revert back....


I woke up, SS&S, Made my coffee, sat down to start my daily 8+ hours of blogging so I can pay my bills etc...

What I saw was absolute horror.

I can not see all of my widgets (most of which are hidden by the "body" and or are completely overlapping each other making it absolutely impossible to arrange anything), text is disappearing, my ad space is completely gone from the template, unless it's somewhere I cant see...

I tried to clear all widgets and start FRESH... NOPE that didn't work either. all it did was pile them on top of each other and hide them behind OTHER widgets.

I cant stand this. My day is absolutely ruined. I can not use this interface at all. It's so terrible I am seriously considering closing blogs that I have had up for 5 years to move them somewhere else.

The feedback "form" is absolute bulls**t... you have to highlight and blackout items that your having problems with, but it only lets you highlight and blackout things that THEY think in necessary.. you cant highlight things that YOU want to highlight...

I hate it!
I absolutely HATE this garbage.
What a waste of a day!

Keir said...

Forget the interface- you can't place pics where you want them or resize them, what you see whilst editing bears no relation to what it will actually look like when published, videos are screwed, there's no option to view page once edited; you have to hunt for the post and then hover over empty space to find the option etc etc etc. It's so useless, and yet they force us to use it before even making sure the bugs have been fixed. Simply cannot understand the mentality of such a company.

c. said...

Thank you! I see no improvements, just massive destruction. Among other things, I used to be able to see a lot more on a page; now, it's super spread out, which means more clicks and the info's harder to digest. I used to be able to edit the Blogger code to control every aspect of the layout; now, I'll apparently have to learn CSS(?) in order to do that (all I know is, it's using some kind of totally different, non-intuitive code. You can no longer just put things where you want them, and tweak them; it automatically sticks all kinds of additional code in, and there's no obvious way to manipulate it). The new interface seems to be rather like Wordpress – i.e. less user-friendly – but without the advantages of Wordpress. I too am seriously considering taking my blog elsewhere.

c. said...

PS: This is a great example of why we need stronger anti-trust laws and enforcement, among other things.